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We offer a wide range of comprehensive services, geared for all phases of care.  From pain management to rehabilitation to wellness and preventative care.

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We understand that each person is unique.  Every person responds differently to each form of treatment, just as we have varying responses to the same medications. This demands that we have multiple tools available in order to provide the best patient care.  In addition, people have different goals, time constraints and budgets.  Not everyone wants to be an Olympic athlete.  

A whole person approach is taken and you are treated as a unique individual.

Many tools are available to use what works for you.

Pain treatment recommendations are based upon your goals, not ours.

We work with other healthcare providers. If you need pain treatment than we provide, we will not hesitate to refer to other health providers.  

Pain treatment

Pain treatment in Overland Park Kansas.  We can help with back, neck or leg pain.  Manage your pain with our pain treatment services here in Overland Park. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.  Best pain treatment in the Johnson county area.

Which type of care do you prefer?

pain treatment


Pain/stiffness/discomfort are usually the motivating factors in bringing people into our office.  The first goal is to reducing pain and increasing mobility in the dysfunctional areas. For some patients, this is the only care they are interested in. When symptoms return, they come back for additional care.

pain treatment in overland park


As pain reduces and mobility returns, the second goal is to bring stability to their bodies. This is where various types of strengthening and additional exercises become very useful. Core work, balance and posture training are excellent tools.  We want to manage chronic and degenerative conditions at a high level.

pain treatment in overland park, ks


More and more patients are choosing to move into a third phase of care that we call wellness. They want to be preventive. Staying active and healthy so they can experience life to the fullest is their goal. The best outcomes happen when we deal with the all 3 types of life’s stressors – Physical, Chemical (nutritional) and Emotional.

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Happy patients

“I have had physical therapy, I have had epidurals, nothing worked.”

“It was a miracle. I feel good. I’ve got my life back.”


“I was looking for something where I didn’t have to take pills. I wanted to avoid surgery.”

“Before I came in, I could not even roll over in bed.”


“I had a severe low back injury that left me in the hospital for 3 months. We did physical therapy, pain management and nothing seemed to help.”

“I call it the miracle table… Now I can tie my shoes… I don’t take pain medicine”




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