Transitional Vertebra

Transitional Vertebra

This is a condition where the last lumbar vertebra is malformed. The transverse process is enlarged on one or both sides and may try to fuse with the sacrum. This can be seen on x-ray examination.

Some types have been shown to be painful and while the others are not. The types where a pseudo joint is present have been the types to show a higher incidence and severity of low back and buttock pain. (1)

Patients with this condition will tend to have relapses. There is typically instability and inadequate muscle balance. This condition is managed vs cured because you cannot change the deformity.

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    This condition can be difficult to treat. We use Cox flexion distraction to gently improve motion in the spine. In a multicenter study, Cox found this condition to take the greatest number of visits and days to reach maximum improvement, compared to other conditions.

    Schwerdtner stated that rotation manipulation is contraindicated. He also said the best treatment is traction manipulation with gentle muscle technique. (2) This is what we do with Cox treatment.



    1. Nardo L, Alizai H, Virayavanich W, et al. Lumbosacral transitional vertebrae: association with low back pain. Radiology. 2012;265(2):497-503. doi:10.1148/radiol.12112747
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    We are pleased to announce the addition of the most advanced Cox decompression table ever designed, to our office!  The Cox 8 Force Table is a state of the art instrument. Built in sensors send data to a computer, giving the doctor real-time information about the amount of decompressive force being applied.

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