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How to rotate around your hips while keeping your back straight

The MAIN reasons people need to know how to rotate around their hips:

  • Protect the low back by minimizing disc pressures
  • Improve the effectiveness of certain exercises

TWO Tips for keeping your back straight:

  1. Look up as you bend forward. We move toward the direction that are eyes are looking. If you are looking down as you rotate forward, chances are you will bend out or your low back. 
  2. Keep your chest up and out. This helps keep our head high and low back straight. 
  3. Keep your low back straight or arched. If you feel your back rounding forward or slouching, then you are adding unnecessary strain. 

Two exercises I frequently recommend using this concept are:

  • Seated and standing hamstring stretches 
  • Seated figure 4 stretches 

When rotating properly, you will find it takes much less motion before you feel the muscles stretch. The benefits are giving you a more isolated and effective stretch while at the same time reducing the chances of injuring your back. 

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