In the last article we discussed beginning one leg balance positions. As you progress, you will need to find ways to continue to challenge your body.  In this article I am going to show you two ways to make the previous exercises more difficult.

The first thing you can do is stand on a surface that is less stable. This could be a yoga mat or some other type of foam or rubber. Your foot and ankle will be less stable, forcing you to engage your leg muscles even more.

Secondly, closing your eyes is another way to make the exercises more difficult.

Finding Your Best Posture

Regardless of the balance position you perform, you need to start with a strong posture.

  • Stand straight and look straight ahead.
  • Keep your feet facing straight ahead.
  • Hold your pelvis level. Do not hike one hip higher than the other.
  • Level your shoulders. Hold them down and back.
  • Level your head.
  • Tighten your core by pulling in your stomach and tightening your buttock muscles.

These modifications can be done with any of the beginner exercises we demonstrated last time. Try to hold the position for 30 seconds.

Unstable Surface

Eyes Closed

Start with your eyes open. Get into the position you are practicing. Close eyes

Are these too easy? Watch for more advanced one leg balance exercises in a future article.

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