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Lumbar Stenosis

What Is Stenosis?

Stenosis simply means narrowing
When excessive narrowing occurs, pressure on a nerve increases and can begin to cause symptoms.

There are two types of holes that can narrow. The first hole is the spinal canal (Fig 1), through which the spinal cord passes. Normally this hole should measure 15-17 mm in diameter. When is narrows to less than 10-12mm, it is considered stenotic.

lumbar stenosis

There a second pair of holes on either side of the spine, called neural foramen (Fig
2) The spinal nerves pass through these holes, forming into a bundle which we call the sciatic nerve. You have a sciatic nerve running downward into each buttock and leg.

What Causes Stenosis?

There is no single reason/activity that causes stenosis. It develops over years and can be asymptomatic early on, just as heart disease is. In most cases we are dealing with advanced arthritic changes

How We Treat Stenosis?

Cox Flexion Distraction Decompression Manipulation – Our Expertise
Spinal stenosis symptoms are due to compressive forces. If we reduce pressures to alleviate compressive forces, the body will have a chance to improve.

Cox technique is a highly skilled, very specific form of chiropractic spinal decompression manipulation. A special table is used to perform this procedure. A Cox table allows the doctor to move a joint through multiple ranges of motion while decompressed. The skill comes in knowing which vertebrae to decompress, the degree of decompression to use, and lastly applying the decompression properly.

Cox tables allow much more specific treatment than traditional traction tables. Patients that have had surgery can still be treated with this table.

Realistic Expectations

We must remember that the goal of any treatment for stenosis is control and management of symptoms, not cure. My experience is that patients who utilize some combination of these treatments will have the best outcomes. Understand that 50% improvement is considered a good outcome.




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