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We break it into 2 major categories. The first category is discogenic, meaning the source of pain is coming from the disc.  We are often dealing with a bulging disc or herniated disc. This can result in sciatic nerve pain, travelling down one or both legs. Degenerative disc disease can lead to a bulging or herniated disc, resulting in sciatic nerve pain, but it does not have to. Discs have many pain fibers in them, which can create pain without mechanical pressure. 

The second category is non-discogenic, which includes conditions such as arthritis, facet syndromes, spondylolisthesis and sacroiliac problems. When arthritis becomes severe, it commonly results in spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is usually seen in older individuals.

Why people seek help – It’s not the pain

True motivation runs deeper than pain. It robs people of their joy, quality of life, even their independence. It can interfere with work and our relationships. Chronic back pain sufferers often experience depression and sometimes guilt because of the burden it can place on their family.

What causes back pain?

There is no single cause but most is due to the cumulative effects of stressors over a long period of time. Common examples would be poor postures, injury to the back itself or injury in feet, knees or hips that change the way we walk. Sedentary lifestyles lead to weak core strength and poor stabilization


There are a variety of lower back stretches and exercises. The first one we prescribe to almost all patients is the pelvic tilt. When performed correctly, It opens the spine and strengthens your core.  If it worsens your pain, discontinue it and speak with your doctor.

lower back pain

Lie on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Tighten your stomach and buttock muscles. Tilt your buttock up slightly as you flatten your back against the floor or bed. Hold this position 4 seconds and then relax 4 seconds. Repeat this 10 times.

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We offer a wide range of comprehensive services, geared for all phases of care. From pain management to rehabilitation to wellness and preventative care.

Conservative, Non-Surgical Care of Pain

We utilize non-invasive treatments to treat both acute and chronic pain.

Cox Flexion Decompression Manipulation

This specialized table is effective for conditions such as low back and leg pain, stenosis and degenerative conditions throughout the spine.

Focus on Patients over 50 and Seniors

While we treat patients of all ages, Dr. Patterson focuses on patients over 50 and Seniors. Time catches up to us in our 50’s. Our approach to care needs to change with it. 

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Unsure if chiropractic can help you? Do you qualify for Cox Decompression? We offer a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your case and answer questions. 

Treatment Options

We offer a wide range of comprehensive services, geared for all phases of care. From pain management to rehabilitation to wellness and preventative care.

Cost of Treatment

Dr. Patterson participates with most insurance companies, including Medicare. We offer time of service discounts for uninsured or high deductible plans.