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Low Back Stenosis & Leg Pain


Q. My back is stiff and achy and I often have pain into the buttocks and down my leg. I find it difficult to stand up straight. I can’t walk for any distance without my pain increasing. At the grocery store, I have to lean on a cart to make it through, If I sit for a little while I can walk again for a short time. It is hard to get out of bed in the mornings and it takes me a long time to get moving. To make things worse, I have already had back surgery. The surgeon tells me that there is nothing else he can do. Injections are not working for me anymore. I have enough trouble performing day to day activities, let alone travel as my spouse and I had planned I thought these were supposed to be the golden years. It is hard not to be depressed. Can anything be done to help me return to a more normal life?

A. There is hope. We understand that pain becomes very wearing on people. Arthritis in the joints and degenerative changes in the discs commonly cause the symptoms you describe. This can lead to other conditions such as stenosis, which is narrowing of the spine. Pressure (compression) is put on your nerves, like pinching a garden hose, and causes your leg pain. A specially designed table has been developed to decompress discs and reduce the effects of stenosis and disc herniations. It helps restore motion to the arthritic joints and improves your mobility. Even patients who have had back surgery can safely be treated. 75-80% of those completing care have been shown to have a good to excellent response. Robert Patterson D.C. is one of only a few doctors in the state of Kansas certified in the use of this table.

Our goal is to improve your quality of life both physically and mentally. Free consultations are being done through 1/31/2024. Call today to see if you are a candidate for this specialized technique.

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