Joint Fixation / Subluxation

Joint Fixation / Subluxation

Joints often become stuck or fixated. Another term chiropractors use for this is subluxation. As a chiropractor, I am looking for these stuck joints. They may be stuck is flexion, extension, lateral bending, rotation, or some combination of these movements. The tissues at around the fixation can become inflamed and irritated.

Chiropractic adjustments aim to unstick the joint fixations, improve motion, and relieve the soft tissue irritation.

Sometimes pain is located at the joint fixation, while other times the pain is in another area that is compensating for the fixation.

Joint fixation can occur by itself. It is along with most other conditions that we treat.

lumbar stenosis


This condition can be treated with Cox flexion distraction manipulation or traditional high velocity manual manipulation. This usually responds well to either form of chiropractic manipulation.

    Arthritis help


    We are pleased to announce the addition of the most advanced Cox decompression table ever designed, to our office!  The Cox 8 Force Table is a state of the art instrument. Built in sensors send data to a computer, giving the doctor real-time information about the amount of decompressive force being applied.

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