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Is Your Head on Straight?

Neck pain is a common problem. Did you realize that neck pain may be causing problems with your posture and balance? I will share with you a possible cause for this and solutions to help. 

A recent paper discusses changes in proprioception in neck pain patients and the problems associated with it. What is proprioception? It’s your ability to know the position of your body in space.  This system plays a major role in our posture and our ability to balance. 

Arthritis and other degenerative changes in our neck can send faulty sensory signals the rest of our body. This can alter our posture, such as causing us to tilt our head to one side. We do not even realize we are doing it. Stand in front of a mirror with your eyes closed. Open your eyes and see if your head is level. Looking at the height of your ear lobes is a good landmark. Is your nose pointed straight or is your head slightly turned right or left? Look at your spouse or kids. Are their heads straight?  If you are uneven, you may have a proprioceptive problem. 

What can you do about it?

  • Have an assessment – As the researchers recommended, have an assessment to determine if you are having proprioceptive and or balance problems. 
  • Seek treatment – Spinal adjustments can not only help with neck pain but it can improve the fault sensory signals produced by some joints.
  • Posture Training – We train people with specific posture exercises.
  • Balance Training – Practice one leg balance or tandem walking 

      If you would like a specific posture or balance assessment call our office to schedule an appointment.


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