Facet Syndrome

What Is Facet Syndrome?

In this condition, the facet joints can pinch and become inflamed. You can think of the tissue as being sunburned. Facet syndrome is one of the single most common causes of neck and back pain.

Facets are joints are located behind the disc on either side. You have facets at each joint level, from the neck down through the low back.

Each facet joint is surrounded by a capsule. This capsule holds fluid in the joint and the capsule is pain sensitive.

Common Signs and Symptoms

  • Facets often cause sharper pain
  • It tends to be localized pain on one side of the neck or back
  • Backward bending often increase pain
  • Forward bending often helps
  • It does not cause pain down the arm or sciatic pain down the leg
lumbar stenosis

What Causes It?

Several things contribute to facet syndrome. As we age, discs lose water and shrink in height. This creates increased loading of the facet joints. The back of the disc may become narrowed, and pinching occurs. This also reduces the nerve opening (neural foramen) and can cause nerve compression. Poor postures and weak core muscles are contributors to facet syndrome.



A variety of treatment options are available. With Cox Flexion Distraction we decompress the disc and open the facets. Traditional high velocity manual manipulation can also be used in cases where there is not severe arthritic change. Electric therapies or ultrasound may also be used to reduce inflammation and pain.

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We are pleased to announce the addition of the most advanced Cox decompression table ever designed, to our office!  The Cox 8 Force Table is a state of the art instrument. Built in sensors send data to a computer, giving the doctor real-time information about the amount of decompressive force being applied.

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