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Exercise Prescription

Almost all patients are prescribed exercises at some point in their care. The first phase of care is to reduce pain and increase mobility. The next phase is to create stability. Strengthening exercises are particularly useful for creating stability. 


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Core Work

Core work is important for stabilizing the spine, unfortunately many people have not been taught the proper way to work the core. It is not enough to have a strong core. You must develop good control with proper firing of the muscles. We train patients to effectively work their core. 


Balance is important at all ages. For athletes it is a performance issue. As we progress through life, it is a functional issue and eventually becomes a safety issue.  A weak core, abnormal spinal and extremity joint function, muscle weakness, vision and inner ear problems can all affect balance. We frequently test patients for balance issues and fall risk.  We can work with patients on an individual basis or a group setting. 

Exercise programs for pain and overall health

Exercise programs are developed for pain as well as overall health. Stretching and strengthening are both essential components of any exercise program.  Exercises can speed your recovery and reduce the frequency and severity of future pain episodes. 

As we age, we should think more about exercise for overall health. Exercising for health is different than exercising for competition. Some of us have a difficult time making this transition and injure ourselves while trying to get healthy. 


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