Cost of Treatment

Fee Structure

The fees below reflect a Time of Service Discount for cash patients.

New Patient ExaminationTypically ranges from $100 – $120
Existing Patient Re-examsTypically ranges from $37.50 to $60
Spinal Manipulation 1-2 regions$40.00
Spinal Manipulation 3-4 regions$44.80
Spinal Manipulation 5 regions$48.00


(Shoulders, Wrists, Hips, Knees etc)

Therapy Modalities and Rehabilitation
Electrical Therapies$13
Neuromuscular Re-education


Posture Training$20
Custom Shoe Orthotics$350
Massage Therapist – Jessica Williams
30 Minutes                    $35
1 Hour$65
90 Minutes$95


FREE 15 Min Consultation

Discuss your case with the doctor to see if you are a candidate for treatment


Medicare covers 80% of spinal adjustments only.  Medicare supplements usually pay the 20% balance of adjustments.  They do not cover examinations or other treatments.  After paying for an examination, the typical medicare patient pays $0.00 – $15.28 per visit.

Medicare Advantage Plans – These plans have the same medicare limitations as mentioned above, but they often have a copay per visit.

We participate with the following companies



Blue Cross/ Blue Shield



United Healthcare

Ask us if you don’t see your company listed.

This is not a guarantee of benefits. Insurance companies offer many different plans with different restrictions. 

Cash Patients

Following the initial examination, the typical visit will range from $45-65

Simply put, an adjustment (also called manipulation) is a method of treatment used to improve joint movement. care chiropractic in overland Park Kansas.  Come visit us today.

There are many different techniques within care chiropractic that are used for back adjustment and extremities. What works for one patient will not necessarily work for another, just as people respond differently to the same medication. Some people are looking for traditional manual manipulation, while others want something more gentle. care chiropractic I

care chiropractic