We live our lives through movement. Good balance improves our ability to walk, perform our daily activities and reduces our risk of falls.  Balance is important in all stages of life. Balance helps the athlete perform at a higher level, the parent care for their child, and the senior enjoy retirement and remain independent.

STEP 1 Planning the Trip

When you prepare to go on a road trip, your GPS wants to know two things.

Where are you now, and where are you going? 

If you are a senior, I want to first determine if you are an increased fall risk. If the answer is yes, your first trip destination is to reduce that fall risk by being able to stand steady with your feet in tandem for at least 10 seconds.  

If you are not at increased risk of falling, that is great news! Your first destination may be to stand on 1 foot for 30 seconds without struggling. We will eventually find your failure point and teach you ways to move beyond it. 

The 4 -Stage Balance Test

The 4-stage balance test is designed to tell us if you are at increased risk of falling. It consists of timing how long you can stand with your feet in 4 different positions. Each position is more difficult than the last. If you can stand  for 10 seconds in a position, move on the next position. If you cannot hold the position for 10 seconds without holding on to something, stop the test.

Position 1:      Stand with your feet side by side.

                        Time: __________ seconds

Position 2:      Place the instep of one foot so it is touching the big toe of the other foot.

Time: ___________ seconds

Position 3:      Place one foot in front of the other, heel touching toe.

                        Time: ___________ seconds

Position 4:      Stand on one foot.

                        Time: ___________ seconds

If you cannot stand in position 3 for at least 10 seconds, you are at increased risk of falling.

Congratulations! You have completed your first test. Record your times and store them in a place where you can retrieve them later. This is your starting point.

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