What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis involves joint inflammation and degeneration.  There are many types of arthritis, but the most common type we see is osteoarthritis.

The joint surfaces are lined with cartilage. Over time, the cartilage breaks down and may become pitted, just like a rusty hinge.

The surrounding bone may grow or enlarge in response to this process. You have probably seen someone with large knuckles due to arthritis. This same process can occur in the spine. This can lead to narrowing of the spine and pressure on nerves causing stenosis or sciatica.

Disc degeneration is not always painful. A good patient history and physical exam are important in determining if it is a problem and what the other factors are.



Common Signs and Symptoms

  • Joint stiffness may be most noticeable first thing in the morning or after inactivity
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Swelling around the joint and may be tender
  • You might feel grating or popping
  • Weather changes may make it worse.

What Causes It?

Osteoarthritis can result from many factors. Wear and tear that accompanies the aging process is the most common reason. Injury can lead to early arthritic changes. Risk factors would include obesity and jobs requiring repetitive stress to a joint.

Can Osteoarthritis Be Cured?

No. We are unable to cure arthritis, but we can help most people to manage it at a higher level. If you lubricate a rusty hinge, it takes some of the squeak out and it moves better for a while. The lubricant does not remove the pitting in the metal. The chiropractic adjustments we perform are our WD40 or lubricant so to speak. We are not curing the arthritis, but we take some of the squeak out. 


Various adjusting techniques can be used to improve motion. Sometimes therapy modalities are used to reduce acute inflammation. Nutritional supplements such as glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate may be recommended.

Arthritis help


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