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Pay attention to your budget  

Tightening your budget can help alleviate additional financial stress. Pay with cash or debit card. Personally, this helps me to stay on track. It is more painful to watch the cash leave your hands. Then you do not have the added stress of paying off credit cards after the first of the year.

Stay active 

Maintain a normal exercise and sleep routine. Plenty of rest and exercise are great stress relievers.

Maintain healthy eating

  • Avoid skipping meals.
  • Use good sense when eating sweets and goodies and try to avoid eating out all of the time.
  • When going to functions you can take/eat items like fruit or cheese. You don’t always have to bake cookies and fudge.
  • When the holidays are over, throw out the left over junk food.

Prioritizing is important during the holidays 

Do not tire yourself out trying to attend every holiday party. Make a list of the most meaningful gatherings and graciously decline the rest,” Don’t feel obligated to say yes to everything.

Alter Expectations (Be realistic about your time, money and relationship expectations)

What is the worst case scenario?  

Most things are never as big as they seem.

Overland Chiropractic Blogs

1 Gallon of Milk = 129 lbs of Force?

1 Gallon of Milk = 129 lbs of Force?

Did you know that 1 gallon of milk can put 129 pounds of force on the lumbar discs? You may have heard that you lift an object, you should always keep it close to your body. There is good reason for this. Even what seems to be light weight objects can put tremendous...

4 Takeaways when undergoing chiropractic care

4 Takeaways when undergoing chiropractic care

I have been thinking about the key things every patient should know when undergoing chiropractic care.  Treatment can be complex at times. When you see a new doctor, the first visit can be overwhelming. Everything is new. You may have concerns about what the doctor...

The Rule of 50%

The Rule of 50%

Obviously, we don’t have a crystal ball to know exactly how many visits a patient will require to get better.  Each person is unique and there are many variables. So how do we approach treatment? What is the Rule of 50%? Cox practitioners are taught to treat patients...




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