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Cost of Treatment

Fee Structure

The fees below reflect a Time of Service Discount for cash patients.

New Patient Examination Typically ranges from $100 – $120
Existing Patient Re-exams Typically ranges from $37.50 to $60
Spinal Manipulation 1-2 regions $40.00
Spinal Manipulation 3-4 regions $44.80
Spinal Manipulation 5 regions $48.00


(Shoulders, Wrists, Hips, Knees etc)

Therapy Modalities and Rehabilitation
Exercises $18
Electrical Therapies $13
Ultrasound $15.18
Neuromuscular Re-education


Posture Training $20
Taping $5
Custom Shoe Orthotics $350
Massage Therapist – Jessica Williams
30 Minutes                     $35
1 Hour $65
90 Minutes $95



15 Min Consultation

Discuss your case with the doctor to see if you are a candidate for treatment



Medicare covers 80% of spinal adjustments only.  Medicare supplements usually pay the 20% balance of adjustments.  They do not cover examinations or other treatments.  After paying for an examination, the typical medicare patient pays $0.00 – $15.28 per visit.

Medicare Advantage Plans – These plans have the same medicare limitations as mentioned above, but they often have a copay per visit.

We participate with the following companies



Blue Cross/ Blue Shield



United Healthcare

Ask us if you don’t see your company listed.

This is not a guarantee of benefits. Insurance companies offer many different plans with different restrictions. 

Cash Patients

Following the initial examination, the typical visit will range from $45-65